Nine cards Tarot spread

Nine cards Tarot








This tarot reading is quite simple and it has been use for a long time in Europe. Mainly used by the gypsies who wanted to predict the future of their family and friends, but it seems that slowly is spreading. Do you want to learn it?

The bright side of this spread done only with 9 cards, is that it is a very simple way to have a fairly complete picture of a myriad of issues, and it can be adapted to various questions, from simple ones to others that we need more perspectives to consider. As we say, gypsies used it for a long time in Europe and its interpretation requires a great imagination and knowledge because it is quite flexible.

The first thing to do is to place three cards horizontally, starting from the right. Then, over these three cards we will place another set of three similarly: from right to left. Finally we do the same with three more cards, so now we will have the nine cards needed to interpret the reading

Based on the question that the consultant has done to us, we should concentrate on trying to give an interpretation as accurate as possible, although this is often complicated and may need to know some other aspect of this person’s life. In any case, to analyze the spread, the first cards we have in place, which are at the bottom, refer to all the past of the person. So we say, especially to interpret correctly this section, let us not hesitate to ask questions. The next top three cards represent the present, and finally the highest cards represent the future. It is therefore a reading where the tarotista must put enough imagination and intuition and let yourself go with those hunches that certainly has.