Tarot Reading for Yourself

Tarot Reading
Some myths point to the theory that a tarotista or someone amateur of Tarot should not be spread the cards to himself, because this can bring bad luck, negative consequences and cannot be effective predictions. Is it true this myth?

If you move in the tarot world, whether you are amateur or professional with great knowledge and get paid for it, surely you’ve heard about the myth of reading the Tarot to yourself. Some people, usually from ignorance, believe that if you read the cards to yourself, this can bring to your life negative consequences, since it is something that has been thought to predict the future of others. However this is not true and does not pose any problem. In fact one of the best ways to learn to be more fluent in the Tarot cards is reading ourselves.

Thus a spread reading should work exactly as if it were done to anyone and thus, also you don’t have to resort to another person, often paying, if this time it’s you who want to know your future. The only problem you may have with this kind of spread you do to yourself, is that you may not be distant enough to interpret your own cards correctly. Thus you should try to distance yourself and try to judge the reading as if it were done to another person, which, in many cases, especially with committed readings, is not easy.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to read yourself Tarot cards as it is a good way to learn, but always try to interpret your cards as objectively as possible and regardless that it is your own future that you are viewing on them.