Cards that indicate problems in a relationship

Problems in a relationship

If you want to know, through tarot, if you have or you’ll have problems in any relationship, whether romantic or partner, you must be very careful with some combinations of cards that may appear on the spread and may serve as notice.

Often when we make any reading, we tend to alarm ourselves too much when asked about a possible breakup of any relationship. But we should relax, because although some cards don’t symbolize anything good on a spread, we must take into account the context, that is, the cards that accompany this one to predict the worst.

If we find the King of Spades and the Queen of Spades, both inverted, the Four of Coins or the Nine of Clubs, first we have to analyze the context, but if this doesn’t seem favorable we can interpret that the person who is consulting is not currently in the emotional conditions to be in a relationship. The Four of Clubs reversed as the horse, if combined with some cards of no positive connotations can mean too afraid of commitment. The person does not have sufficient maturity or desire to be in a serious relationship.

If you find the Six of Coins reversed as with Queen, King or Nine of Coins, all inverted, you must warn the person to beware of the relationship they have or want to have, because it can be a selfish person , who do not care for both as a couple and that, at any time, can end the relationship. This will depend, of course, of the remaining cards that serve us as context, but if the reading is not complemented with good cards, we must warn of the possible negative consequences which may arise as a couple that person.