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Origins of Egyptian Tarot.

The Tarot or Book of Thoth, originally was the sacred book of the ancient Egyptians. The issues often studied by priests were related to the spirit. The book was composed of hieroglyphs and symbols and was created with 78 sheets of pure gold.

Thus we find a connection with the Great Pyramid or Pyramid of Cheops, with ancient Hermetic schools of initiation, numerology, astrology and everything related to the spirit and the subconscious.

It is likely that in ancient Egypt have been used tarot figures, to search for psychic guidance, and so study the personality of the human being from the clinical viewpoint. It is also true that each of the figures contains useful elements for psychology related tests and perhaps this could be the origin of it.

We also know that, always has been the natural inclination of every person been able to study oneself, to know his future as both his origin and even before birth.

The Tarot or Book of Thoth, is handled as a method of prediction and detection by inspiration, because its preparation refers to two worlds: the manifest and the hidden; this duality of worlds, is the result of the principle announced by Thoth, that reads, "As above, so below and as below so above" is one of the seven principles of Kibalión and is integrated into the seven fundamental laws of life.

Research recognize the Egyptian tarot as a perfect way of interpretation, as well for everyday things as to reveal mysteries of the subconscious, since it reveals hidden things and reveals to the consultant wise advices, finding the unknown or the problem and thus appears the solution. The Egyptian Tarot, may perfectly help us and find the key to help and know others and ourselves better.

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