Tarot yes or no

Tarot yes or no

Tarot yes or no free online

Tarot yes or no with selection of 5 arcane

The Yes or No Tarot, sums it up in a simple card spread, answering a very specific question, made by consultant and does not require explanation or nuances clarification to the response.

This way so simple, just to know if it will happen some event; if we should so; if our love want us... It can be resolved with a yes or a no. never is interpreted only gives you a yes or no answer.

The Yes or No Tarot, can be made with any type of card. We're not just talking about the different tarot decks, but also the Spanish Playing Cards, the French deck, the Italian deck ... It is only necessary to establish a personal code and to be clear, which card has to appear for a YES or for a NO.

This method is used especially when you are a beginner and not handles easily the deck. It is logical that if it gets a bit complicated, you need a simple spread that answer your unknowns. Such as the Yes or No spread.

This tarot spread is very simple and their interpretations as based on three core values with answer yes, no doubt. The Reading would be:

- If positive: The Sun, The Empress, The World, The Wizard, Temperance; The Star, The Chariot, The Judgment, Strength ... You got it now, they are saying YES.

- If negative: The Tower, The Moon, The Hanged, The Devil…. They are saying NO.

- If you doubt: The Lovers (which means they are undecided between two, they have to make a decision), Death (can be both), the Hermit, the Fool, Justice, Pope, The High Priestess, The Emperor , the Wheel of Fortune ... you'd need another one to indicate whether is Yes or No

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