Simple spread reading of two cards

reading of two cards

If you are learning to read the tarot cards and familiarizing slowly with its meaning, it’s necessary to go performing simple readings, but that are also effective. Therefore we offer a guide of how to carry out this reading with only two cards.

The tarot is a world in which it’s hard to start, and it must be done gradually. There are many cards and each has a different meaning depending on which is accompanied by, so there are hundreds of options that we must study. Therefore, as much as we stay with the theory we must go making spread readings, very simple at first, but that help us to practice and working this intuition that we have developed to be great tarotistas.

The two cards reading is a very simple spread, specially designed for easy questions and for those people who are getting started in this world, so it is highly recommended to use it as a practice, since, despite its simplicity, can be very effective.

It is usually shuffle the cards. When you have this step, turns to the deck and make a cut, putting the right lot above the left one. Then you must choose the top two cards and place them without being seen in front of you. If you do this spread for someone, you can also be the one to perform this step. You must first attend to the card of your left. This card is the answer to the question that has been done. Then you need to turn the card from your right; this is the way we can remedy this situation, especially if it is a problem or something that can remedy. With this reading you can practice to learn the meaning of the cards.