oracle wicca

The Oracle Wicca

Wicca it's linked to nature, respect for Mother Earth, with great importance in the cycles of the moon. Each card presented here has a message for each day, for business and even for love.

The Oracle I-ching

The Oracle I-Ching

The I-ching or book of changes is commonly known as the old method of Chinese divination. The following method is an easy and simple way to determine an iching hexagram using this online application.

Gypsy Fortune Telling

Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling

The gypsy oracle has the power to predict the events that will occur, unfavorable and favorable circumstances, guides us in any problem we have. This mancia is very different from the traditional tarot. Free tarot reading

Tarot future

Tarot of the future

The tarot of the future is easy to use but it is direct in its answers, it will get you out of doubts and concerns and you'll get answers and advice for the future be now in your present.

numerology calculator

Numerology Calculator

Discover more about your personality with this simple online calculator based on the principles of numerology.

Egyptian Tarot

Egyptian Tarot

The Egyptian Tarot is one of the oldest tarot that exist today and that still last. It is said that its origin comes from the "Book of Thoth". Make your consultation now with the free spread of Egyptian tarot.

Tarot free reading

Tarot Free Reading

Today, the Tarot is by far the most popular tool for spiritual introspection in the West. Find out what your future holds with the tarot free reading on this online application. Free tarot reading

Tarot of Love

Tarot of Love

Before investing too much time in a romance, wouldn't it be great if you knew how much potential have as a couple? This reading with Tarot of Love can help you showing the most likely outcome in your relationship. free tarot reading



The dominomancy is a divining method of future through twenty-eight dominoes, simply select three dominoes and receive valuable advice.

angel readings

The Oracle of the Angels

The oracle of the angels will give messages of inspiration and wisdom. The angels’ advice will bring you divine guidance for each day.

Gypsy Tarot

Gypsy Tarot

Gypsy tarot free reading or also known as gypsy oracle consists of a deck of 36 different and unique peculiar cards of Kipper Lenormand. Dive into the world of gypsy tarot now!

Tarot of Marseilles

Tarot of Marseilles

The 22 major arcana of the Tarot of Marseilles symbolize every aspect of human experience in your journey through life. This reading is focused on three different topics; past, present and future. free tarot card reading

Dice Divination

​Dice Divination

Dice Divination is a divination art of ancient times, is used to interpret the dice roll to predict the future. The oracle includes quick answer interpretations of Yes or No.

Viking Runes

​The Viking Runes of Love

In this oracle you can consult your future with the runes of love. Just press the deck of runic cards, giving you to know your luck for today.

Yes or No Tarot

Yes or No Tarot with 3 arcane

Need an answer and advice on something as soon as possible? This popular tarot reading gives you an answer Yes or Not, simple. Concentrate on your question and select your cards now! free tarot

Tarot yes or no

Tarot Yes or No with 5 arcane

Yes or No Tarot online, respond you quickly and so you will be able to know the answer to any question you worry about and find out. What are you waiting for? free tarot reading yes or no

Yes or no oracle

Yes or No Oracle

This reading answers a question in a concrete way and accurately. When you're having a problem in your relationships, maybe at work or just want an answer to your questions visit the Yes No Oracle and find your answer. Think well the question you want to ask the oracle.

Biorhythms Calculator

Biorhythms Calculator

The Biorhythms are an attempt to predict various aspects of an individual life using mathematical cycles. The Biorhythms calculator will easily and immediately help you get the graphical results. free tarot reading

Tarot Spanish

Tarot Spanish

The Spanish Playing Cards tarot online, answer your questions directly. This simple three cards spread help you to make decisions without fear, go ahead and discover what destiny has to offer you. free tarot card reading

Career Tarot

Career Tarot

Work and business are important to you. To better understand the challenges and advantage that leads to prosperity and success, focus on your work and get your free tarot reading.

Heads or Tails

Heads or Tails

Heads or Tails, the flip a coin online game. This interactive application generates heads or tails with 50% probability without requiring any coin. free tarot reading

Online pendulum

The Pendulum

The pendulum is an oracle designed to receive precise unconscious or subconscious information and get answers. reading online


​Extrasensory Perception Test

Want to know if you have the gift of clairvoyance? This Extrasensory Perception Test reveals it. Have you had precognitions or premonitory dreams? Make the test and knows your extrasensory abilities fully online.

Lottery generator

Lottery Generator

Find out with the help of the good luck pixies in the lottery oracle the winning combination on your favorite sweepstakes and find that chance doesn't exist, fate is in your hands.. free tarot reading

Numerology Compatibility

Numerology Compatibility

Want to know the degree of compatibility you have with someone else? The numerological application will tell you the percentage of compatibility with another person, you just need to enter your name and the name of your partner, friend, and relative. Do not hesitate and enter now, to know what it’s your numerological compatibility.

Moon phase calendar

Moon phase calendar

Lunar calendar and its different phases. Consult all the information on the moon with our moon phase’s calendar. Free tarot reading

Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope

Free daily horoscope predictions for today. Horoscopes and the influence of the stars on love, money, health, emotional ... Find out the predictions for your zodiac sign today! free tarot reading

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The Blog

Blog dedicated to share information of esoteric subject matter, Chakras, Tarot, Mantras, Energetic Treatments and other themes for the conscientious awakening.

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