Meaning of the domino chips


The origin of domino is quite uncertain. Some say these small pieces were invented in China and, at first, do not constitute in a game itself, but were used to divine the future. Although this information is not confirmed, it not seems strange to think that the Chinese, since ancient times, had several types of oracles, as shown by the invention of the I Ching, which dates from around 3000 BC.

Meaning of the domino chips


Announces stagnation, the stop of a situation. You’ll have to have patience, since you don’t have all the luck of your hand. You may have to start over from scratch. You need to be brave and determined.

It tells us that he got something in base of treachery and wrongfully, he will keep it, but it will cost many tears; if he did well in business will fare badly in love or vice versa; all for playing dirty.


This piece symbolizes the arrival of something or someone to be positive in our lives. You may receive a visit or surprise call from someone who you didn’t saw in a long ago or that person will write or call you. A loved one will have good news to tell you. Propitious time to invite people to your home rather than you moving.

You will receive good news and will catch you by surprise. A business or a new contract will be signed quickly. Try to pay attention to the terms of this one. A relationship begins to grow fast enough, but you must be careful.


This piece announced a period during which new relationships are possibly a new friend, a small pleasure trip is made or received a nice invitation. But it may also indicate difficult relationship with someone.

It tells us about bad luck and a betrayal. If you are a woman, you should be careful with your partner because there may be a third person. If there is a possibility of a trip that involves a change of environment, is recommended doing it, because everything will be favorable in that journey and will be a very positive change.

Try to be patient and keep hoping. Your acts will harvest fruit.


This piece almost always predicts difficulties and problems in family life, especially with neighbors but also in social and public life, in the usual matters. It tells us about problems in our relationships with others as a result of miscommunication and misunderstanding. It would be useful if you see it coming, get ahead and you clarify things.

Ignore the gossip that come to you, you risk fighting with people around you. Try to avoid delicate matters and not tackle unpleasant issues at work, is not the right time. You have to be above unpleasant situations.

It tells of a couple quarrel, infidelity that can potentially cause the breakup of that relationship.


Be aware you will ​​bump into obstacles in the realization of your projects. One of them, possibly won’t come true. Or will force you to compromise to find a good understanding with someone.

Disappointment in love and if there is a relationship or a firm commitment speaks of the breakup of this; all caused by gossip and tangles of third parties. If is a woman who is consulting, and is pregnant may indicate preterm birth.

Some delays are going to lead to a situation of some frustration. Not a good time to finances and you will have no choice but to be prudent. Your projects still are claiming time and tenacity.

Your romantic relationships are not going through the best period. Patience is a time you have to go through. Better times will come.


This piece advises you think a thousand times before speaking, open up or say what one thinks. It puts you on notice against certain people who do not speak their minds or are unreliable. It can also announce a period of moral crisis or fleeting depression.

If is woman who is consulting, be alert to the arrival of a man who comes with bad intentions and may cause many grief. Also advises single women, to not have too close deal with married men because they may have other intentions other than just friendship.

You can undertake training that will be very useful. Someone close to you will need your help and advice.


It’s the piece of betrayal and false friends. It is possible that someone we trust turn away or play us a dirty trick.

You run the risk of being a victim of slander, to not put your trust wisely or being dragged to a risky situation. You won’t exercise your free will not or you will show you too impressionable.

You are in a slightly unstable phase where you must be careful about your relationships; do not believe everything they tell you. First of all, you should count on your own knowledge and your experience.

Marital separation and union with another person. This can happen to you or someone in your family.


This piece ensures that you will have the help of a valuable partner or associate. It also indicates a union, a strong bond, two beings who advance by the hand and they can count on each other.

It is a symbol of happiness in all aspects of your life: business and love. If there have been discussions at home these will be mitigated and harmony will return. If the consultant is single are possibilities of romance and a stable relationship. As for the business, there is a win and a strengthening and job security.

You will find again a difficulty, but this time it will be easier to solve than you thought. You will receive unexpected help that lets you overcome a problem and start a new period pageantry and beneficial.


This piece is favorable for relationships, but not bode well for what the financial situation is concerned. Indeed, it announced a profit that goes down, the end of an income or difficulties in meeting the expenses.

You’ll go through a good period from the sentimental point of view, May appear a person with who you will have a stable relationship that will bring a more comfortable economic situation; but if the person is married, is predicted a separation and a second marriage that will last long.

You’ll rediscover a quite loved one and your relationship will be very enjoyable and enriching. But in the professional field, the new companies’ times has not yet arrived.


The news that you receive, the changing circumstances, the people you will meet will be surprising for more than one reason. It is what this domino predicts for you, on the other hand, announced that you’ll have the opportunity to participate in an interesting debate.

You must take care of a dispute with others. A legal issue comes to an end, all the problems that can reach out, be from any source, you’ll solve them.


You are in a difficult financial situation, but because you make mistakes on purpose to get there, so now you suffer the consequences. It’s what indicated you this piece. As a solution, reflect. You must carry out some investments.

It is a domino that predicts prosperity but must calculate very seriously not to go beyond your own possibilities. Your partner reinforces and is asking you to consider increasing the family. You must really commit.


It is the piece of passion and romanticism, and predicts a happy relationship or an exciting affair.

Your current emotional and loving ties will be strengthened. In case of being alone, you’ll begin a relationship on solid foundations.

You will live an unexpected and very pleasant time. You will be presented an opportunity that will promote you in your career. Your love relationships will be much more serious and you will feel very happy.

Pains and stomach problems. Possible loss of money if you don’t know to manage yourself. Don’t dig up things from the past and try to be positive and look ahead.


You will have lots of work, many responsibilities to assume, burdens, obligations, small problems to solve. But you get over it very well and you will draw benefit or advantage of it.

You are in a very positive moment, which can bring you a stable and happy life. A new story will bring a favorable change, and you can associate without fear with certain partners to realize your projects.


Congratulations, this domino is excellent and announce that our life will go well oriented in its general aspects. Do not trust, because there is not complete happiness, nor lasts forever, but this comes pretty close…

You’ll get a good career plan. Your active life will be crowned with success. You’ll get the financial balance. A project that is very important to you, take the right path to become true.

Through the children (sons, nephews, etc.) pleasant surprises will come.


You can believe that circumstances evolve in your favor. But don’t be impatient. Give it time. It is the advice of this piece, whose appearance is an encouragement to persevere, knowing that success is the goal of your actions.

During this month there is a combination of good fortune in love and business. It tells about a good time to invest as much in some kind of business that had arisen in the past like live with your partner and form and a stable relationship. Even tells about the possibility of a money entry through gambling. And if there are children in the house (children, nephews, etc.) look after them more because sometimes they feel somewhat vulnerable or upset with you for having forgotten them a little.

You are about to experience a period of transformation. A series of very positive changes will develop in your personal and professional life. Your romantic relationships are going through a good time and are been established strong relationships.


It seems that you’re not well surrounded, you do not have very good company or a certain person tries to hurt you. Eagle eye, is what tells you this domino.

You have made a judgment error about a person or a situation, and you will find a quick solution to overcome the error. You won’t have major consequences as long as you know to recognize your failure and react in time. You’ll have to «expose» your false friends. You should be very cautious, as some people envy your situation.

Major changes in all aspects of your life. It will change the way of seeing things; as if so far you had been dozing and you wake up now. You’ll take every new thing that will stand in your way: a new job, a new relationship and even a new place to live.


It is the piece of growth. It may increase our heritage or the family grows.

This domino almost always announces creation, a new and unexpected event, pleasant or beneficial, a birth. On the other hand, it indicates a privileged relationship with a formal and reliable, caring and affectionate, trustworthy being.

You can throw in an ambitious project that will require work hard, but will provide significant results. Your love life will be consolidated enough, and even you are considering the possibility of having a child.

You have powers of clairvoyance but are lethargic, you should educate yourself a bit and start working this facet.


This is a piece of the good news. We’ll have to be careful because we can receive very positive feedback.

If you behave well, if you show your honesty and loyalty, if your actions are as clear and understandable as your ideas or your words, then you can consider the appearance of this domino as a harbinger of victory and success insurance.

At the moment, your projects evolve positively. Your professional associations will be beneficial, but you should keep the situation under control. Your finances progress and stabilize. You’re considering new investments. All things to do this month will come out perfect (in business, relationships, reconciliation with your partner. Someone else will come with good news.


This is not at all a good omen for what concerns the emotional life and emotional relationships in general. Instead, it is always favorable to the progression of earnings, revenue and increased profits.

Recovery from an illness or disease that afflicted you for some time, a meeting with a dear relative who comes from a distant place and who you didn’t see in a while. All paths in your life are open to good things.

It is necessary to wear lead shoes. Avoid speculation and risks, since is likely to end up losing everything.


Have confidence! It indicates you that luck smiles at you and that circumstances will show fully favorable.

You are going through a moment of luck in romance and you’ll have an interesting encounter. You thought about a strong and durable bond. Your economy is stable, or even slightly higher. You feel safe.

You have made a judgment error about a person or a situation, and you will find a quick solution to overcome the error. You won’t have major consequences as long as you know to recognize your failure and react in time. You’ll have to «expose» your false friends. You should be very cautious, as some people envy your situation.

It also tells of a stable relationship if you are single. If you are married, a pregnancy, and if you are a married man, it predicts an affair with another person who will bring many complications.


A magnificent piece that symbolize the triumph and recognition. It usually refers to professional advancement.

It seems that now you are swimming in an outdoor and psychological serene climate, balanced and harmonious. Your family life is peaceful and your situation is stable. Some people around you will be willing to give you excellent advice. Listen to them.

You’ll get a career advancement. It will present to you an interesting social opportunity. Your economy will improve. Your love life will bring you pleasant surprises. You’ll build a strong and solid relationship.

Also this domino tells of peace and security in business and work; maybe perhaps an economic improvement, maybe in a job position that will help you out of debt you may have.


When we extract this piece we have to rejoice because it predicts the participation in social events blessed and happy. Your life will make a radical change. You’ll lead a very different life than you know so far.

You might arise the opportunity to settle abroad and you will accept. Great trip transform your life.

It’s the best domino for lovers, because predicts that all obstacles that were in your way will be overcome. Besides strength and good luck in all projects with your partner.


We have a domino that announces an unexpected surprise, usually economic. Maybe we win some extra money.

This piece announced a moment of happiness, a vivid joy, and pleasant moments spent in good company.

You can take advantage of the moment and enjoy good company. This won’t be a favorable period for long terms projects. Rather you are going through an ideal time for leisure, travel and meetings.

Your friends circle will always be both in good times and in bad times; they will always be there.

It also tells of a journey where you will make new friends and unforgettable moments.


The fact that this divination piece appears must be considered as a warning that if you are too greedy, you can end up with nothing. We can take risks, gamble or speculate because luck is on our side.

This domino relates to a period in which your financial situation is, but thriving, flourishing and at least comfortable.

You’re starting to reap the benefits of your labor, but the results will be mitigated by now. You must renew your efforts to improve your position. However, the period is not easy, so you can be happy with the obtained results.

Although this month the piece advised not to invest money and stagnation in labor issues; also, in contrast, it tells of a very fruitful moment for love affairs to be consolidated.


Problems bureaucratic or legal type. Advised to keep up our papers and legal commitments. You will find yourself immersed in a conflict, a disagreement, a dispute or discrepancy. Someone will oppose to you. Your social status shall be contested. Possibly a process will occur. It is too early to say what will be the output, but the other two dominoes present in the reading will surely tell it.

You encounter difficulties in carrying out your projects, but always find a solution to everything. You should review some adopted strategies. A news will bring you an unexpected and beneficial solution. Certain changes will be imposed.

If you are sick there will be a quick recovery. Although there is a person who looks askance and try to harm you should not fear, because you shall prevail.

Consolidation of a partner union.


This piece can announce an important but happy change in the situation or in the life of the person consulting. In any case, predicts a new initiative, a new project, and a new lease on life, which will lead you to success or victory.

You’re considering a move or a career change. Your situation will improve, you will increase your income. You walk into a prosperous and enriched phase.

This domino tells us of love relationships and love in general. Good times and consolidation of romantic partner.


This piece is of philanthropy and solidarity. You must adopt a generous attitude toward others.

Whatever your situation, have lots of patience and perseverance. Since this is how you’ll achieve your goals, your desires or will realize your wishes.

Your love life goes through a rich period. You’ll have an important meeting. Certain friendships begin to evolve into a deeper feeling and love. You’ll build strong relationships. No changes in your professional life.

This month you will go through a rough patch with respect to health, but nothing major. Do not be overcome by the obstacles that appear and fight it, do not be overcome; and if you lose, continue with hope and start all over again.


Your current circumstances are excellent, as is the domino that predicts success in all fields. This piece is a happy omen, whatever your concerns and your current situation. It is proof of success, triumph, happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction.

You’ll know a period of great luck and happiness. Everything will smile to you. Your professional life is going through a period of success. Everything smiles. Your love life gives you moments of great happiness and gives you a positive outlook on the future.

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