Interpretation of the tarot of the arcana:

Judgement invested-The Lovers invested-Death


The Lovers invested:

The negative aspects of this card has to do with lie in the loving level, promiscuous sexuality, sexual disease, fear of making decisions, anxiety about the search of oneself.

It means disorder, failure, divorce, unhappy love and setbacks of all kinds. Frustrated marriage, dangerous temptation. Danger of being seduced. In behavior, debauchery and weakness. Fights, infidelity. Emotional Instability.



It is a very spiritual card. Denotes not always death, but it can mean the end of an old life and rebirth of the soul, a new consciousness, beginning, creative talent come true or the end of an unbearable situation. Reversed, it means loss of pretension, fear of change, stagnation and forced sacrifice.

Death means complete transformation. Dead and rebirth. The end of something. Evolution from one state to another superior. Profitable change.


Judgement invested:

We have, among others, bad news, condemnation, excess liability, guilt, lost lawsuits, inability to understand past events, divorce, ignore the inner voice.

Means spiritual hesitation, weakness, bad judgment or wrong decision. Illness, separation. Adverse court ruling. Error on oneself and others. Decision postponed.