Interpretation of the tarot of the arcana:

The Fool invested-The Chariot-Justice


The Chariot:

It supposed fight and win against superior forces. It can denote prestige and wealth obtained with the sustained effort. Also indicates unexpected news out loud, and fast and luxurious trips. Reversed, it's a warning for controlling physical passions, vanity and cruelty, and suggests the collapse of plans.

The Chariot demonstrates triumph, victory, overcoming obstacles, hope, and conquest. Unexpected good news. Great self-control, ability to determine one's destiny. Great physical and mental strength. Speed. Journey.



It is the luckiest card in the deck: affects all cards from the roll and has no very negative meanings. It represents the triumph of spirit over matter, of love over hate and the positive over the negative. It assumes strength of character, power used wisely and opportunity for the brave.

The Strength means Sublimation or regulation of passions and instincts. Power, energy, great love. The spirit that dominates the matter. Action, courage, success. Strong will and great physical strength. The inner strength that tames the beast. Power over animals.


The Fool invested:

The negative aspects of The Fool can be, among others, the unconsciousness of one's actions, unpredictability, risks, madness in the mental plane, not knowing, not being able to stop in time.

It means passions and obsessions, indecision, irrationality, apathy, complications. Wrong choices, fall, neglect, and immobilization. Madness. Mental and / or emotional overflow. Travel hampered.