Interpretation of the tarot of the arcana:

Judgement-Strength invested-The Hanged invested


Strength invested:

These include the difficulty to accept the compensation, the biased view of things (not seeing everything), criticism, complaint, believing that certain situations are unfair, denial of reality, the imbalance.

Means fanaticism, injustice, severity in the trial, abuse, false accusations. Insecurity. Legal tangles. Lack of proper balance.


The Hanged invested:

Among these we may find the feelings of loss, depression, absurd sacrifice, diseases of the soul, crying, inability to release the anxiety states, drugs, solve pending issues.

It means arrogance, egotism, resistance to spiritual influences. Materialism. Wasted effort. False prophecy. Failure. Lack of boundaries, lack of candor, lack of sacrifice.



This card may connote a life well led, or suggest rewards for past efforts, resolution, release and renewal. Reversed, it may mean momentary success, loss or bitterness and fear of death. Its influence is weakened by the proximity of the Devil, the Wizard or the Wheel.

The Judgment involves radical change, resurrection to new life. Work (or life) well done. Willingness to start something new. Good judgment and discernment. Creative power and influence over family and career. Ability to forgive. Awakening. Favorable court ruling.