Interpretation of the tarot of the arcana:

The Empress-The Star-The Fool invested


The Empress:

It is a card from natural, emotional and material abundance. It represents renewal and nourishment; a birth, a creative business, healing after illness. It can mean wealth, rewarded effort and a warm family life. The reverse is extravagance, laziness, maternal tyranny, destruction and waste.

The Empress means understanding, intelligence, and education. Charm, friendliness, elegance, distinction. Courtesy, abundance, wealth. Marriage, fertility, sweetness.


The Star:

Hope, love and rebirth are the themes of this card. Indicates love for humanity, optimism, friendship reciprocated, firm promises, good health, perception and guidance from heavens. Reversed, it may mean excessive optimism and confidence, intolerance, procrastination, pessimism and lack of self-esteem.

Star means hope, unexpected help, insight and clarity of vision, inspiration, and flexibility. A great love will be given and received. Good health. Totally spiritual card.


The Fool invested:

The negative aspects of The Fool can be, among others, the unconsciousness of one's actions, unpredictability, risks, madness in the mental plane, not knowing, not being able to stop in time.

It means passions and obsessions, indecision, irrationality, apathy, complications. Wrong choices, fall, neglect, and immobilization. Madness. Mental and / or emotional overflow. Travel hampered.