Daily Horoscope of Capricorn day Monday 10/18/2021

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A former romantic partner might be reappearing on the scene soon, and the feelings they stir up won't be the ones you were expecting to feel. They've taken the initiative to get back into your life, and there could be a very significant reason for it. Aren't you curious to know what that is? Give them some of your time, but not all of your time. Make it clear that you have boundCapricorn that you have no intention of changing for them -- at least not yet.

Lucky number:

« 6 »

Lottery number:

19 - 20 - 21 - 23 - 33 - 46

Color of the day:


  • Cheers salud-de-capricorn
  • Money dinero-de-capricorn
  • Love amor-de-capricorn

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