Daily Horoscope of Scorpio day Friday 12/08/2023

horoscopo daily-horoscope scorpio

A vivid dream could feel so real today that you search for ways to make it come true. There is an unusually strong power to your desires now that draws you into unexplored territory. Thankfully, you receive help from your higher self if you remain open to a little assistance from the universe. Don't be afraid to entertain an unrealized fantasy since others might be inspired to join your cause. Let go of logic and follow your heart.

Lucky number:

« 4 »

Lottery number:

3 - 8 - 15 - 37 - 42 - 48

Color of the day:


  • Cheers salud-de-scorpio
  • Money dinero-de-scorpio
  • Love amor-de-scorpio

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