Daily Horoscope of Taurus day Wednesday 06/19/2024

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A good part of you craves simplicity today, dear Taurus, with the Moon in your solar second house all day. It's an emotional need that naturally emerges after the Moon spends time in your own sign for two plus days, so it makes sense to honor this craving to some degree. However, the day can build in intensity, and you can become quite engrossed in a matter that seems to beg for resolution or further investigation, likely related to a creative project, child, or romantic relationship. An important conversation, new discovery, or big reveal can occur now. A project that has frustrated you in recent weeks can now show quite a turnaround, although it can also consume a whole lot of your attention.

Lucky number:

« 7 »

Lottery number:

4 - 9 - 30 - 31 - 32 - 49

Color of the day:


  • Cheers salud-de-taurus
  • Money dinero-de-taurus
  • Love amor-de-taurus

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