Daily Horoscope of Gemini day Tuesday 08/16/2022

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You're now in the position to tackle a recurring problem with new understanding and insight, dear Gemini. Mercury aligns with Pluto today, as it did in December and then again while Mercury was retrograde last week. You have the chance to break new mental ground, particularly related to a friendship or long-term goal. Try not to get stuck in old habits and methods, and instead look to push just enough to get to a new level of understanding. Look for ways to improve, grow, and learn so that you can move past a frustrating matter. Discussions and ideas emerging now can help create turning points.

Lucky number:

« 8 »

Lottery number:

3 - 13 - 19 - 26 - 34 - 43

Color of the day:


  • Cheers salud-de-gemini
  • Money dinero-de-gemini
  • Love amor-de-gemini

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