Daily Horoscope of Sagittarius day Monday 10/18/2021

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Seek out someone who you really respect or admire and find out how they do it. If you love how they handle themselves in a meeting, ask them for pointers on how to improve your verbal communication. If you admire the way they always get the party started, find out how you can become more outgoing. Whatever you want to learn today, the best way to get your education is by asking someone who's already doing it well. They'll be flattered and will start seeing you in a more positive light.

Lucky number:

« 5 »

Lottery number:

2 - 24 - 29 - 35 - 37 - 47

Color of the day:

    Navy blue    

  • Cheers salud-de-sagittarius
  • Money dinero-de-sagittarius
  • Love amor-de-sagittarius

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