Daily Horoscope of Virgo day Monday 10/18/2021

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Adjustments, working with differences, making compromises, and trying to find a balance are all important strategies today, dear Virgo, as passions run high and there is a distinct air of competitiveness around you - and within you. There can be imbalances between what you want from someone, and what they want from you, but consider that this may be temporary, and that patience will serve you best now. Overreacting can stir up trouble that you don't need. Your magnetic powers of attraction are strong, and you may suddenly have the courage to make a move you've wanted to make for some time. Connecting with a partner can be intense and exciting today. Sharing a personal belief or mindset can bond you closer together.

Lucky number:

« 3 »

Lottery number:

7 - 20 - 33 - 40 - 43 - 47

Color of the day:


  • Cheers salud-de-virgo
  • Money dinero-de-virgo
  • Love amor-de-virgo

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