Daily Horoscope of Virgo day Friday 07/03/2020

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Much of the day favors a freeform approach rather than new endeavors, dear Virgo. You're drawn to comforting, earthy, and sensual activities as your attention is drawn to the world of the five senses. However, ideas are especially progressive for work and health matters. You may be bringing different approaches and methods to the table now. Tonight, you're inclined to seek out a little more structure, and to begin locking things down and taking care of business.

Lucky number:

« 6 »

Lottery number:

16 - 17 - 24 - 37 - 44 - 45

Color of the day:


  • Cheers salud-de-virgo
  • Money dinero-de-virgo
  • Love amor-de-virgo

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